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Balterio design tips

Discover the many styles & qualities different floors have to offer and be inspired by the different styles and finishes to work with the atmosphere you want to create in your home.

From modern patterns to true-to-nature woodgrain structures, this designbook will help you to create a beautiful and personalized living area. Choose the style you need, to create the result you want.

Pick the right floor for any taste or style

Be inspired by the different interiors, and discover practical ideas for your own interior.

Country living?

An interior in harmony with the environment? Go for classic with a contemporary twist. Laminate flooring with a soft wood structure offers a balance between tradition and trends.

V-groove or no V-groove?

Laminate with a V-groove emphasizes a rural character, while laminate planks without V-grooves provide a cleaner, tighter look.

A fine micro-V-groove is perfect for both kinds of interior.

Which direction?

Lay the laminate along the length of the room or in the direction of the main light source. The selected installation direction can make a living space look longer or wider.

Your laminate floor is only really complete with the matching skirting in the same design as the laminate floor.

A dark floor creates an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom.

The look is unique. Narrow planks give the impression of a solid parquet floor, while the true-to-nature design is breathtaking. The refined elegance radiates character and the deep colors are inviting.


Home is the place where you can relax completely.

A realistic-looking laminate floor creates a warm atmosphere in the home.

The rugged wood structure appears to flow from plank to plank, giving a panoramic and soothing effect to your interior. Here is a place where you can enjoy peace and quiet.

The subtle matt-shiny structure of the flooring with its grey driftwood look gives a minimalist interior an extra dimension.

Light colors Bring openness, eye-catching aspects provide contrast.

Quick tip:
A laminate floor is easy to maintain.

•Tip clean with a slightly damp floor cloth and dry with a clean cloth.

•Always clean your floor in the direction of the wood grain.

•Even a plank floor with V-grooves is easy to clean because the grooves are covered with a unique foil strip that repels dirt.

For greater depth in your interior.

The natural structure appears to flow across the short, wide planks, thus creating extra depth. The floor emphasizes the clean lines of the interior. The warm, natural color brings life into the loft.

Create breathing space and give your interior a light and airy Feel.

A light-colored laminate completely opens up the interior and makes the house seem more spacious.

An Infinity floor resembles parquet in every respect: long, wide planks with grooves on all sides.

A simple interior allows the floor to express itself. The delicate highlights of the wood structure give dimensional depth to your home.

laminate creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the home


Laminate and underfloor heating provide ultimate comfort.

Enjoy pure luxury. Every object plays a role in creating the overall impression, making the interior very personal.

You can truly feel at home here. The soft grey laminate, combined with an underlay that is suitable for underfloor heating, radiates pleasant warmth.

Vintage is hip!
Make your interior totally retro with a vintage floor.

Vintage is hip, and that definitely includes a vintage floor. The deep wood grain provides an extra dimension to the house.

Integrate a period and style from the last century into your home. For example, untreated wooden furniture from the 1950s is undergoing a real revival.

A vintage designed floor can also create a unique atmosphere in your home, giving it that ‘lived-in’ feeling.

Laminate creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere.


Laminate with an aged look and gentle tones makes the interior timeless.

The oak floor retains a connection with nature and creates a relaxing atmosphere. The ever-changing play of light and shade creates a special effect in the apartment’s living space. Calm prevails.

Naturally rugged
A rural interior creates a warm feeling in your home. Laminate with knots and cracks feature characterful laminate with the look of real wood. What’s more, the decor appears to flow from plank to plank for a panoramic effect.

Your living area radiates splendor with this flooring style.

Natural gloss oak brings a tight interior into balance and radiates character. The microgroove along the planks offers a refined laminate floor that is finished right down to the finest details.

Trendy and elegant.
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