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Tareq Farhan
Tips and Ideas to Have Your Swimming pool Utilized Year-Around

Planning to have a swimming pool at home is an excellent choice for both relaxation and sports. However, maintaining swimming pools in terms to heating water during cold months might be overwhelming financial wise. It could be really challenging especially if the pool area is fully exposed to the external weather or if the water volume is sizable. If you already have decided to have a swimming pool at your home and you wish to utilize it to the maximum, here are some design tips that will help you in utilizing your swimming pool almost year-around and with less operational costs.

Orientation of swimming pools towards south along with using proper glazing can make you utilize your swimming pool almost year around while reducing heating costs.
High sliding glass windows give you the option to have your swimming pool connected with the garden in good weather.

Integrating swimming pool area with living spaces through wide openings could compensate the lack of outside views and makes temperature control of the swimming pool area less challenging. Special pools plastic covers could be used to avoid excessive humidity in closed spaces.

In hot climates with strong sun exposure, sometimes shading is what needed ! Partial shading using existing structures could help in making swimming experience more comfortable, at least during the hottest months.

Good thermal insulation for indoor pools along with having solar thermal water heating system could almost guarantee you comfortable swimming experience.
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