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Bitar Consultants

BITAR Consultants is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm with over 60 years experience in planning, design, supervision and management of engineering projects. Our consultancy services cover the fields of planning, architecture, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering, construction management and information technology consultancy.
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Architects , Interior Designers

Jordan Islamic Bank- Interior Spaces(5) photo

Midtown Plaza (Shakhshir Commercial Center)(11) photo

C-Town Mall Jabal El-Hussain Branch(4) photo

Islamic Hospital IVF Center (5) photo

CJC Headquarters and show room - Shmeisani (9) photo

Plan Contracting Offices(12) photo

C.Town Supermarket & Mall- Shmeisani(13) photo

Al Salam Offices(10) photo

Amman Mall Extension(14) photo

Jordan Islamic Bank Complex (2) photo

Time Square Towers(10) photo

Jordan Islamic Bank Commercial Complex (16) photo

Al Dawoud Complex(3) photo

Breast Cancer Early Detection Center(6) photo

Baptism Convention Center (11) photo

Specialty Hospital- Royal Suites Floor & Queen Rania Ballroom(11) photo

Concorde Group(3) photo

Engineers Training Center(4) photo

Petra Visitors Center(9) photo

Marka Airport(23) photo

Fraij Villa(4) photo

Central Bank of Jordan – Refurbishment of the Grand Banking Hall (16) photo

Ministry Of Post And Communication Refurbishment(40) photo

Princess Salma Estate(12) photo

Zahran Royal Palace(2) photo

Residential Complex- Al Fhies(9) photo

Tijan Hujrat Villa(8) photo

Ayman Ateyeh Villa(9) photo

AL Zmaili Villa(7) photo

Yasmine Housing JEA(13) photo

Attieh Villa(13) photo

Al Zabin Villa(3) photo

Qusad Villa(3) photo

Hamid Hijazi Villa(1) photo

Al Amal Villas(5) photo

Abdin Residence(7) photo

Saeed Abdin Villa(16) photo

Wafa Hujrat Villa(4) photo

Dinamis Hajarat Villa(15) photo

Hana' Hujrat Villa(11) photo

Al Rawda Housing(11) photo

Zananiri Villa(21) photo

Private Villa(9) photo

Tabarbour Villa(5) photo

Al Aboura Villas(16) photo

DHL HUB Building - Queen Alia International Airport(3) photo

Abdin Industrial Establishment Refurbishment(14) photo

Electricity Distribution Company Headquarters(28) photo

Central Electricity Generating Company(11) photo