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Our company provides variety of products to create or redesign ultra-modern glowing interiors and exteriors as well as materials for their production. Glowing design is a new conceptual direction in creating both interiors and exteriors. The main idea of glowing design is to create volumetric space using various painting techniques, 3D objects, some other materials and special lighting. Paints and ultraviolet (UV) light together make fantastic effect. The image itself becomes a source of light. It becomes 3-dimentional and changes the perception of interior. Volumetric stucco works, furniture and other interior elements are included in visual composition to cast a stronger holographic effect. Walls, floors, ceiling, any other objects touched by artist’s hand — become sources of light. With glowing design we can change the perception of space, expand its boundaries or even make it seem in
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Architects , Artists , Furniture Designers , 3D Perspective Designers , Interior Designers
Middle East Company LIGHT STYLE LLC.: Jordan, Amman, P.O.Box 2733, Sport City

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